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About the Church of Agia Marina in Pelion

About the Church of Agia Marina

The church has three sides to its roof and that is why it has the name Triklitos Basilica. There are also four interior domes on the ceiling inside the church, and these are decorated beautifully by the famous painter Ioannis Pagonis, who painted all of the frescos in the church.

On the first dome, which is situated near to the exit, Agia (Saint) Marina is illustrated, and surrounding this image are various scenes from her life. On the second you can see the Virgin Mary Panagia, with scenes from her life illustrated around the perimeter of the dome.

On the third dome you can see the Pantocratora Christ ( Lord of all Jesus Christ). On the fourth dome there is a painting that illustrates God as an old man.

At this point, it must be made clear that nobody knows exactly what God looks like, and we cannot accept this image of an old man, because this image could show that God is perishable.

However, the image of an old man is acceptable because this represents a very wise entity. Only Michael Angelo dared to perform the graphical depiction of God on the famous fresco "Creation" at the Cappella Sixtina in Italy.